Rub and Fuck

We have our ripped jock Marcus stuffing this guy’s butthole. The horny blond hunk was in the mood for some action and he called his next door neighbor to join him. He caught him cleaning the pool and he just couldn’t stop looking at his cute body. Marcus started smiling and invited him over this his place. He moved next to Marcus a few weeks ago and they didn’t formally introduced themselves. Marcus didn’t knew how to get his hands on him, but he wasn’t going to give up on him so easily.

He checked him out and he was so hot but he still didn’t knew if he had straight or gay. Once he changed his t shirt and he saw his chest tattoo it was clear for him. Marcus used his charm and got closer and closer to him until they started making out in his kitchen and them fucked on the kitchen counter. Marcus sure loved pounding his butthole and getting his cock sucked by the hot hunk. If you want more amazing scenes featuring the hottest hunks in the nastiest gay scenes. Enjoy it! Wanna see some ripped jocks banging each other? Enter the blog! Have fun!

marcus mojo rub and fuck

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Marcus Mojo – Hardcore 69

Hey there guys, Marcus Mojo is here to bring you the best gay porn content that you can hope to find. For this first scene here, he’s involved in one hot 69 with one of his buddies since he lost a bet at pool. Well suffice to say that he ended up still having some fun with the guy for this evening. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the show everyone, you won’t be disappointed.

As his buddy wants to collect what’s due, MarcusMojo proposes another thing. Why don’t they both get their cocks worked and enjoy the whole thing. The guy agreed and so they just went ahead to suck one another’s dicks in a juicy sixty nine sex session. We hope you enjoyed the gallery and we’re assuring you that we’ll be back next week with more. See you next time everyone. If you wanna see other hot gay guys sucking and riding each other’s big cocks, visit the site! Have fun and see you next time, guys!


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