All Hands On Dick

You know that old saying “all hands on deck” well Marcus Mojo did a remake and to be honest we like his one better. So in this one, as you can see all hands are on dicks and we couldn’t be happier about it. Marcus, your favorite hunk, has some company in this one and as you can see the guy isn’t shy at all, so he does not mind taking some dick in front of the rolling camera. Everything took place outdoor on the deck while MarcusMojo was enjoying his day off. His friend surprised him with a visit and after catching up the guys did some backdoor catching up as well. Marcus and his friend started things slowly, but they didn’t think that they are going to go this far in a pretty public place. It was his backyard but it wasn’t the more private place you could pick.

To get things straight, it was the middle of the day with all his neighbors walking around their backyards so they didn’t have too much privacy there. But in the heat of the moment, they both forgot about where they were and minded their own business without carrying about their neighbors. So get ready to see the hot hunk Marcus Mojo taking a hard dick up his ass. We told you all hands on dick and we weren’t kidding about it. So make sure you check out the entire scene by following the link below. Enjoy it!


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