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Today we have another Marcus Mojo gay video for you to enjoy. This time we have a reenactment of a earlier scene with the horny guy and his buddy spending a nice evening having some hardcore gay sex just like in menover30 fucking videos. Just like then Marcus got picked up at the club and he headed back with the stud to his place to engage in some hard style sex together. And this time you get to see this Marcus porn session in live motion capture. So without further delays, sit back and watch the show unfold today. We’re sure you’ll love it.

In the beginning Marcus goes down on the guy’s big coco with all that he’s got to suck and slurp on it until it’s nice and hard, and also ready to penetrate that tight ass of his with that big piece of man meat. Watch as the horny MarcusMojo takes a balls deep anal fucking up his eager little ass today and enjoy. We’ll be seeing you next week as always so see you then guys. Bye bye and have fun!

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Hardcore Marcus Mojo porn videos

For today’s Marcus Mojo porn videos the gay porn star decided to take a trip to the gym to work out a bit and who knows maybe meet some new guys to add to his little fuck contact book. So as he was working out another guy seemed to be checking him out from a distance, so Marcus eventually noticed the guy. But he was also wondering why wasn’t he coming to him to make contact.

The guy was really shy as it turns out so MarcusMojo had to go to his spot and strike a conversation. Eventually they got to have a good fucking right there at the gym but one more amazing thing happened. The dude quickly took the reins and turns out he’s a real beast when fucking. Well that was to Marcus’s delight as he got to have his ass thoroughly fucked today by his big cock. Enjoy and see you next time! And if you liked this video update and you can’t resist until the next week’s update, come inside website and find similar videos, featuring a hot gay just like Marcus.


Hardcore gay foursome

Hey there again everyone, we’re back today with more Marcus Mojo videos for your viewing pleasure. Today Marcus organized another one of his trademark parties that end with some hard style fucking involving all the guys there. So in the afternoon Marcus placed all the calls and all of them seemed to be really eager to get to the party tonight. When the time came, these hot nextdoorbuddies all jumped in their cars and headed to Marcus’s place since that’s where the super hot Marcus Mojo gay sex session will take place. Once there Marcus greeted all of them and they took to the living room popping open a few cold ones to start off the whole thing. So let’s see them get to it today everyone!

As the spirits get hotter and hotter the guys start to undress and tough one another’s firm and muscled bodies to tease each other. Soon enough they start to also kiss very passionately and from there to being all nude and with their rock hard cocks ready for some fucking wasn’t too much. So without further due, sit back and enjoy as Marcus and one of his buddies take a balls deep anal fucking at as they kiss. We also want to remind you to check out the rest of the galleries, you’ll find allot of other good stuff around there as well. So see you next time guys with more of Marcus and his sex adventures.


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MarcusMojo – Sucking Mason Wyler

Another great week and time for one more marcusmojo porn update. This time Marcus went down to a bar and even though previously he got picked up, today he intended to be the one doing that. Well there were quite a few studs that were standing out and catching his eyes, but in the end he’d have tos settle on just one for tonight, as he had lots of competition it seems. Well he got into a conversation with one of the dudes he fancied and they kept talking for the whole time they were at the bar. Marcus put on the moves on the guy and he got him in his spell.

So when they reached Marcus’s apartment they spent the hole night fucking hard style, taking turns in being the alpha male, to please everyone. As the morning found them together in bed, they seem to want to continue their last night’s fucking. And for a encore you get to see them do a sweet sixty nine blowjob for some early morning sex. Watch the guys fucking in this Marcus Mojo gay update with Mason Wyler and be sure to check back next week for another sweet update. Until then enjoy guys and we’ll be seeing you soon!


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Marcus Mojo – Gay party

Well we’re back again guys, and we have some more Marcus Mojo videos for you to see. Today Marcus and a group of friends got together at his house and they intended to spend the whole weekend fucking and having hot gay sex for your viewing pleasure. All of the studs here presented themselves to the party as they knew they wouldn’t be disappointed with Marcus and his parties.

He always throws the best sex parties and they usually end up with some great fuck fests where everyone is getting pleased no matter what. Watch as the group fucks one another’s asses in this gallery and enjoy. be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we’ll have more for you next week once again. And trust us you won’t want to miss those updates. You’ll be missing allot but you can find similar galleries inside website so check it out!


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Meeting Tommy D

Today we have some sweet Marcus Mojo videos for you to see. We told you that we’d be bringing some very soon and today is the first day. And in this one we have a special guest. He’s another famous gay porn star and today he’s starring in this scene along with Marcus to take a anal fucking. His name is Tommy D and we’re fairly sure you have heard that name before. one extra fact though, Marcus regards Tommy as a role model in the industry so today he was incredibly happy to get a chance to plant his dick in his favorite guy. Suffice to say Tommy himself was really eager to get it on with a fan of his. Let’s watch their little get together this time.

As the scene starts Marcus Mojo is all smiles and since he’s going to be the one fucking Tommy he does want to give the guy a treat in the beginning. You know that this hot gay does some unforgettable blow jobs and Tommy was about to sample some of that treatment today. He did hear about the guy’s talent so he knew he wouldn’t be disappointed. And Marcus sure surprised him as he went all in with all of his special techniques in cock sucking. Again we must sadly take our leave, but not before leaving this with you guys. We’ll be back once again next week so be sure to stay tuned and not miss the update.


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Marcus Mojo gay porn

Today we bring another sizzling hot Marcus Mojo gay porn update with this gallery. Today Marcus had the fortune to be picked up by another guy when he was at the club and since so far he always likes to be the one scouting out the area and choosing his guys, he decided to go with it for tonight. As you know there’s a first time for everything and in the end let’s just say that it all worked out for him. So they headed back to the guy’s place with Marcus already looking forward for the dicking that he was in for receiving, cause he is crazy about getting this tight ass stretched by big cocks! So let’s watch their encounter.

When they enter his apartment Marcus makes quick work of the dude’s clothes and goes immediately for his dick in this Marcus Mojo gallery today. And he starts sucking that cock with a passion. His sucking and slurping were making the guy moan in pleasure, and you’d expect just that from Marcus, he’s just that good. Afterwards when the dude is all nice and hard Marcus takes his spot on the dude’s dick and rides it balls deep as he always enjoys doing it. Watch them have some great sex scenes today and come back next week for even more. Bye bye! If you wanna see other hot bisexual men fucking, check out the site. Until next time, friends! Bye!


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Glory hole sex

Another fresh week and time for one more Marcus Mojo gay sex update. Today the cock hungry and horny stud seems to find himself in a bathroom with another guy having fun at the end of a glory hole themed photo shoot. Marcus was to put his dick through the hole and have it sucked by the other dude, but seems that the guys wanted to have some more fun.

After he gets sucked off once, the guy begs him to come out from behind the wall so that Marcus may get to fuck his eager ass. And Marcus does so since he always enjoys it. Watch them have sex at and enjoy the fuck fest that the two horny studs unleashed in this afternoon’s shoot. Enjoy guys and see you next week with more of this horny stud and his sexual adventures. For similar videos visit next door buddies blog.


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Marcusmojo – Anal insertion

Today we have a fresh and new MarcusMojo gallery for you to enjoy. In this one Marcus wants to take some time to enjoy a solo session of self pleasuring that never seems to disappoint him. Well you can be sure of one thing, if this guy ever gets on camera he always puts on one great show for everyone to enjoy. And since he had nothing else better to do today he decided this was a great opportunity to show his fans some love. Oh we also want to add that we’ll be having some Marcus Mojo videos up soon so always check back to see what’s new, you’ll never know when we might put them. So let’s get this show with Marcus’s solo session started.

As he makes his entry on the set he’s all smiles and sunshine as he knows how today’s thing is going to go down. He plans on showing off every inch of his body and then show his his big and hard cock as he plays around with it. After he gets all naked he caresses and massages his muscled body just to tease you some more. But then it’s time for him to take his seat on the black leather couch and commence with the masturbation session that he so desperately wants to do. So sit back and watch this hunk as he jerks off his big cock today just for your viewing pleasure. Come back next week for one more porn update. Until then guys! If you wanna see other super hot guy jerking off, check out website. Bye!


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Marcus Mojo – Fucking with James Jamesson

In this Marcus Mojo porn update we bring you Marcus along with another one of his buddies. Today your favorite male porn star is in for a nice and thorough fucking by James Jamesson. James here is one horny stud and he always likes to lead when he’s having sex with other hot guys. Suffice to say that today Marcus got to be on the receiving end with him for today. So he had to put up his ass up for grabs and take his anal plowing like the good little man slut that he is, just like the guys from the website!

They got together as they didn’t meet up for quite a while and so they got to catch up with what they’ve been up to lately. And once they got bored of all the chit chatter they headed back to Marcus’s apartment to continue having some more private fun away from the prying eyes of the public. Once there Marcus knows what his buddy likes, so he goes straight for his cock taking off his pants and starting to suck him off. Afterwards he bends over and allows James to fuck his tight ass balls deep. Enjoy the marcus mojo gay sex update everyone!  If you wanna see another super hot ripped hunk getting his asshole fucked, come inside and enjoy! See you soon, friends! Bye!


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