It’s all about ass with Marcus Mojo and everyone knows that otherwise why would we still be here? This is the place to find some of the hottest gay sex scenes and everyone knows it. Marcus didn’t disappoint us and as usual, we got another great ass hammering session prepared for you. Marcus moved all the fun in the ring where after an intense fight the winner had his way with the loser. The problem is that with these two you can’t really tell which is which. They are both all over each other, so let’s say that both of them are winners in this ones. Our winners didn’t hold back from a lot of things and you can see them in action below and you’ll see that we were right.

Marcus Mojo and his opponent took turns on blowing one another and then hammered their asses in the middle of the ring. This is probably what they meant by leaving it all in the ring. Well these guys really listened and they actually give it their best. But we still have to pick a winner and a loser so we kinda need your help to decided which is which. So take a look at the gallery below and tell us which one did a better job and should be winner of their fight. Enjoy it and we’ll see you tomorrow with more real gay sex scenes for you guys!


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