Doctor’s Orders

If only all the visits to the doctor would be this fun! Marcus Mojo always finds the right guys to have around him and besides his masseur, he also has a great doctor. If the doctor says you should do a thing then you must respect the doctor’s orders. Well, his doctor has a very special way of dealing with his client Marcus and that pretty much involves a lot of ass slamming. But like we said earlier, you have to listen to your doctor all the time. This was also the case and the doctor insisted that Marcus should get an anal exam. If all the anal exams would be this way everyone would go to get one. Marcus left it all in his doctor’s hands and he wasn’t going to miss the chance to hammer one of his favorite patients.


Marcus was already naked so half of his work was already done and as all of you know Marcus isn’t the type of guy to refuse a good offer. And the doctor’s offer was definitely a good one. So the young hot doctor did his magic and just like that Marcus Mojo got his ass drilled on the consultation table one more time. It wouldn’t be a proper doctor visit without anyone getting fucked, this time it happened to be Marcus. This is just how this doctor deals with his long days and he can’t complain. See them in action in the gallery below and we’ll see you tomorrow with yet another update!

Check out Marcus getting fucked by his doctor!