Marcus Mojo – Loosen Me Up

Marcus Mojo brought us more heat from the locker room. A lot of things happen there and we have the best guy to bring it to us. Well Marcus is involved in most of the action that takes place there as you can see in the preview below, he is the one getting his dick sucked. The athletes needed some loosen up after a really long week of training and there’s no better place to do that then the locker room. Marcus was there with one of the guys and they had some fun of their own after everyone left. It was kicked off in the shower where the jocks started jerking off their dicks and getting in the right mood. Those locker room benches saw a lot of things and luckily we got a peak at it too and we had to share it with you guys.

Clothes off, bodies on full display and dicks as well. This is another great thing about athletes they all look great, amazing bodies, rock hard abs so it’s always nice to see them in full display. But this isn’t why we are here. MarcusMojo is the main guy around here as his team mate was the one all over him, sucking off his dick and then taking it up his tight ass. You can get all the dirty in the gallery below and there’s a lot more that you gotta check out. Enjoy it!


Watch here this guy sucking off Marcus’ dick!