Marcus Mojo – Party Of Three

Marcus Mojo invited us to his private party of three and it is a really private gathering. Marcus had two of his closest friends and as you can see the jocks did it all, but mainly they love getting their asses pounded. The guys actually gathered to watch the game but as you can see things don’t go as planned, they went a lot better. Marcus was in the game room with the boys ready to watch the game when these two stared arguing, each of them defending their favorite. You might think that this is normal and it might seem this way but the thing is that these guys place the weirdest bets during their games. The guys literally put their asses on the line and after the game was over someone was going to get smashed.

Well although he didn’t get involved in the bet Marcus was actually the one taking care of business. He wasn’t going to let them fuck in his house without him joining them. We keep telling you, you can’t find someone like our hunk MarcusMojo. Once he gets his hands on an ass you knew that things are going to get wild. We wanted to bring you something different from the latest two updates and this one is going to do the job. So if you want to see Marcus in action one more time you gotta check out the entire picture gallery of these three jocks in action!


See this hot guy getting double teamed!