Marcus Mojo – Release The Mojo

Marcus Mojo sure knows how to relax, well his masseur helped him out too. Marcus sees this guy on a weekly basis and below you can see why. It’s not that he isn’t a good masseur but Marcus calls him for more than that. The hot masseur doesn’t mind doing some extra work and taking care of Marcus’ dick as well. This hot masseur is the best you can find, he’s young, hot and has amazing hands. But all the rubbing can only lead to one thing and both of them know it. It’s not like MarcusMojo is the type of guy that is going to let him leave without getting everything he wants from him. But don’t worry the masseur enjoys it more that Marcus does, that’s why he’s his favorite client.

It doesn’t happen every day to get the chance to hammer such a hot guy and also get paid for it. And we’re sure that Marcus isn’t going to complain about it either. This is one of their session and things went as planned. The ripped masseur started with a light massage and things got hotter when Marcus turned and he had to work on the area underneath the towel. The masseur knows that a good handjob gets Marcus in the mood so he does his best and gets repaid by him. Not everyone gets to hammer his ass on a weekly basis. See the hot masseur getting his turn on the hot hunk!


Watch here this masseur hammering Marcus’ ass!