Marcus Mojo – Settling Up

We know how much you miss your favorite guy and that’s why Marcus Mojo has return. Like promised we are back with more ass fucking and cock sucking. Because let’s face it you can never get enough! It was a busy day around the MarcusMojo household and it ended with Marcus getting fucked. He didn’t start the morning the way he would’ve like to but somehow things worked out. One of his kitchen pipes broke, so a indoor pool was waiting for him. That’s definitely not the way to start the morning but with a phone call it was about to get a lot better. Marcus called a plumber to fix it, but it was Sunday morning, so he only found one guy that was willing to come. His guy was out of town so he had to find someone else to do the job.

When he saw him at the door step he knew that it was actually going to be a good day. The plumber, was hot, young the opposite of what you would expect a plumber to look. No one is complaining, don’t get us wrong, and Marcus surely doesn’t have any problem with it. Marcus let the guy do his job and when he finished he offered him an unusual tip that didn’t involve money. He ended the day the Mojo way and the hot plumber got a piece of him after he finished his work. Make sure you see Marcus in action below!


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