Enter The Mojo

Marcus Mojo had a blast with the new hunk that was in charge of cleaning his pool. Marcus always wanted to try it out for himself, he had the pool, he just needed the pool boy to get his fantasy real. While he was looking over resumes he saw this hot guy that was over qualified for the job so he gave him a call. Marcus called him over to the house to get a chance to talk with him, but by the end of their meeting he was outside, next to the outdoor pool getting fucked by the ripped stallion. Once he got there Marcus was star struck by how good he looked. He isn’t your typical college teen, this was a man, a grown up man wanting to work as a pool boy.

This caught Marcus’ attention and he had to find out the real reason. Well apparently the guy lost it all and needed some fast cash. Once he heard how much Marcus Mojo was willing to pay him for sex he jumped right to it. That seems a pretty good way to start your first day at work and to get to know your boss. This guy was worth his money because as you can see he has it all, so Marcus didn’t mind at all getting his ass hammered by him next to the pool. Another fantasy fulfilled and another great picture gallery for us to check out!


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