Marcus Mojo – Above The Ridge

Yes, Marcus Mojo is always on top and everyone knows that. This cute jock was all over Marcus so he did everything that he wanted with him. He kept on bugging him for a while now and to get rid of his mouth Marcus took him home. There Marcus had the most willing dude he’s ever met, the cute blond did everything he asked him to. Knowing how desperate he was Marcus let him do his thing and we gotta say the guy spend most of the night on his knees with Marcus’ dick in his mouth. This hot blond didn’t stop until he got drenched with cum and we have all the picture to prove it.

Just think about that pretty face of his getting all covered up with loads of jizz. The best part is that you don’t even have to imagine it because it’s in the scene we have below. But there’s more, you weren’t actually thinking that this is all that happen right? Of course not, everyone knows that these guys don’t settle for so little, at least MarcusMojo doesn’t. This was just to put them in the right mood and then Marcus got to stuff the hot blond’s ass and it was amazing. This was all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow with more steamy gay updates with your favorite guy, Marcus. Until then make sure you take a look at the entire gallery below!


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