Marcus Mojo – Country Boys

Life in the countryside it’s amazing and these guys are taking full advantage of it. Marcus Mojo and his new friend had a blast hammering one another in the fresh country air. The jock found this one wandering around the ranch looking for somewhere to crash for the night and Marcus was kind enough to help him out. But don’t get it wrong the guy still had to work for it and besides helping him around there Marcus thought about another way that he could give him a hand. After the guys finished with their work Marcus started making his moves on him until the guy finally caved and he got his. They were pretty far from the house so they had to improvise something where they were. Even though there were a few people around them staring because they weren’t the quietest around there that didn’t stop them.

This pile of hay was going to do the job for them and their clothes became bed sheets. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to do it but this was the only thing they had. MarcusMojo wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity especially with a guy that looks this good. The country boys had a great time hammering their asses and all their neighbors could agree with that, because they were all around trying to ignore what was happening. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more!


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