Marcus Mojo – Stall Squeeze

A lot of things can happen if you get in the right stall, especially if Marcus Mojo is in the mix. It’s been a while since the last threesome around here so we can’t happier about this one. As you can see from the preview below everything takes place in a bathroom stall and it really wasn’t that easy to have three big guys in there taking care of business, fucking their asses. Marcus was out with some of his friends and after a few drinks, the tension was over the roof, no way they were going to wait until they got home. Marcus went in first and then one of his friends followed him. While the guys were busy undressing one another, another guy from the table joined them too. This was going to be make things a lot more interesting, when is the last time you saw a threesome in the bathroom stall?

Just imagine having three hot hunks in a tiny bathroom stall, there really was a bit of squeezing to fit them all in one place. But damn was it hot! When something like this goes down MarcusMojo has to be involved in it and you know he will always deliver. The horny hunks speeded things up a bit, it’s not like they had a lot of time until someone was going to come in. So get ready to see the guys taking turns on getting double-teamed, getting both of their holes stuffed in one of the weirdest places. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more!


Enjoy watching this horny jock getting double teamed!