Marcus Mojo – Suck This

Hey there and welcome back! Marcus Mojo is back with another great update and as you can see this one we have a little role play for you guys. This happens when you got to auditions without asking about the part. Marcus tried to help one of his friends and went for him to the audition. But as you can see below this isn’t your ordinary audition and things got a bit out of control and Marcus ended up getting his ass hammered instead. The audition was for a horror movie but as you can see the actors took it a bit further that it should have, but the cameras were still rolling and caught it all.  Hot Marcus wasn’t there to audition, he just wanted to explain why his friend wasn’t there but he wasn’t going to turn down such an offer.


He’s already used to the camera, so this isn’t too different from what he does. The hot guy was too hot to pass and he surely wasn’t going to do it. They started fooling around on set and everyone there thought they would stop there. MarcusMojo didn’t stop there and before you know it both of them were naked and ready for some ass hammering. The hot hunk had a great time slamming Marcus’ ass and you can see it all in the gallery below! See you next time with more gay sex scenes so stay tuned!

Check out this guy banging Marcus’ ass!