Meeting Tommy D

Today we have some sweet Marcus Mojo videos for you to see. We told you that we’d be bringing some very soon and today is the first day. And in this one we have a special guest. He’s another famous gay porn star and today he’s starring in this scene along with Marcus to take a anal fucking. His name is Tommy D and we’re fairly sure you have heard that name before. one extra fact though, Marcus regards Tommy as a role model in the industry so today he was incredibly happy to get a chance to plant his dick in his favorite guy. Suffice to say Tommy himself was really eager to get it on with a fan of his. Let’s watch their little get together this time.

As the scene starts Marcus Mojo is all smiles and since he’s going to be the one fucking Tommy he does want to give the guy a treat in the beginning. You know that this hot gay does some unforgettable blow jobs and Tommy was about to sample some of that treatment today. He did hear about the guy’s talent so he knew he wouldn’t be disappointed. And Marcus sure surprised him as he went all in with all of his special techniques in cock sucking. Again we must sadly take our leave, but not before leaving this with you guys. We’ll be back once again next week so be sure to stay tuned and not miss the update.


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