Neighborly Invasion

The neighborly invasion has begun and you are a part of it and so is Marcus Mojo. Marcus was the one that orchestrated it all so he wasn’t going to miss the chance to pound his sexy neighbors. That barbecue idea worked like a charm and he got the cute couple next door to join him. It was a more intimate gathering and we think everyone figured out why there are only three persons there. Marcus was trying to work his charm with these two to convince them to join him for a threesome. Marcus really wanted to get his hands on the hot guys and he find the way of doing it.

It’s a request you don’t hear every day but these guys seem pretty open minded so we are sure they won’t mind trying out something new and spice up their sex life a bit. It was a bit of an invasion because they weren’t expecting him to come with such an offer. Surprisingly they accepted it pretty fast and that’s how all the action moved in the bedroom, no one was actually in the mood for barbecue anyway. Once they got there the couple started doing their things and Marcus Mojo found his main activity of the night and was slamming asses. These guys sure love sharing even when we are talking about their significant other. None the less it still is a great scene that you guys must watch.


Enjoy watching this guy getting double teamed!