Pumped and Pounded

You can’t find a guy that loves working out as much as Marcus Mojo. Well, not for the same reasons as most of the guys but still he goes daily to the gym. The reason, well you can see it for yourself in the preview below, he loves fucking and getting fucked. Some days he messes around with the trainers, other days he fucks around with the new guys, it depends on the day. Today, when he got to the gym one of his trainers, showed him this new cute stud that was lifting weights. The guys knew that this guy will be a great asset for Marcus’ collection. From the looks, we couldn’t agree more with them. Now we got the chance to see his charms at work again.

The guy was tall, had a rock hard body but now it was time to see how he’s doing in the other departments. Marcus went there and offered to help him out, everyone there knows that once MarcusMojo has his eyes on you, it’s over. Everyone knows that and it was time that the new guy found out about it too. Marcus worked his charms and way faster that you would expect the new guy caved in and here they are nailing one another’s ass in the middle of the gym. Marcus always gets what he wants especially with guys. See them in action in the video below!


Click here and see Marcus getting his ass hammered!