Marcus Mojo – Settling Up

We know how much you miss your favorite guy and that’s why Marcus Mojo has return. Like promised we are back with more ass fucking and cock sucking. Because let’s face it you can never get enough! It was a busy day around the MarcusMojo household and it ended with Marcus getting fucked. He didn’t start the morning the way he would’ve like to but somehow things worked out. One of his kitchen pipes broke, so a indoor pool was waiting for him. That’s definitely not the way to start the morning but with a phone call it was about to get a lot better. Marcus called a plumber to fix it, but it was Sunday morning, so he only found one guy that was willing to come. His guy was out of town so he had to find someone else to do the job.

When he saw him at the door step he knew that it was actually going to be a good day. The plumber, was hot, young the opposite of what you would expect a plumber to look. No one is complaining, don’t get us wrong, and Marcus surely doesn’t have any problem with it. Marcus let the guy do his job and when he finished he offered him an unusual tip that didn’t involve money. He ended the day the Mojo way and the hot plumber got a piece of him after he finished his work. Make sure you see Marcus in action below!


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Doctor’s Orders

If only all the visits to the doctor would be this fun! Marcus Mojo always finds the right guys to have around him and besides his masseur, he also has a great doctor. If the doctor says you should do a thing then you must respect the doctor’s orders. Well, his doctor has a very special way of dealing with his client Marcus and that pretty much involves a lot of ass slamming. But like we said earlier, you have to listen to your doctor all the time. This was also the case and the doctor insisted that Marcus should get an anal exam. If all the anal exams would be this way everyone would go to get one. Marcus left it all in his doctor’s hands and he wasn’t going to miss the chance to hammer one of his favorite patients.


Marcus was already naked so half of his work was already done and as all of you know Marcus isn’t the type of guy to refuse a good offer. And the doctor’s offer was definitely a good one. So the young hot doctor did his magic and just like that Marcus Mojo got his ass drilled on the consultation table one more time. It wouldn’t be a proper doctor visit without anyone getting fucked, this time it happened to be Marcus. This is just how this doctor deals with his long days and he can’t complain. See them in action in the gallery below and we’ll see you tomorrow with yet another update!

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Marcus Mojo – Release The Mojo

Marcus Mojo sure knows how to relax, well his masseur helped him out too. Marcus sees this guy on a weekly basis and below you can see why. It’s not that he isn’t a good masseur but Marcus calls him for more than that. The hot masseur doesn’t mind doing some extra work and taking care of Marcus’ dick as well. This hot masseur is the best you can find, he’s young, hot and has amazing hands. But all the rubbing can only lead to one thing and both of them know it. It’s not like MarcusMojo is the type of guy that is going to let him leave without getting everything he wants from him. But don’t worry the masseur enjoys it more that Marcus does, that’s why he’s his favorite client.

It doesn’t happen every day to get the chance to hammer such a hot guy and also get paid for it. And we’re sure that Marcus isn’t going to complain about it either. This is one of their session and things went as planned. The ripped masseur started with a light massage and things got hotter when Marcus turned and he had to work on the area underneath the towel. The masseur knows that a good handjob gets Marcus in the mood so he does his best and gets repaid by him. Not everyone gets to hammer his ass on a weekly basis. See the hot masseur getting his turn on the hot hunk!


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Caught Creepin’

This is what happens when you don’t mind your own business! Marcus Mojo caught this guy creepin and he had to teach him a lesson and he did it the only way he knew how to and yes, that involves a lot of ass fucking. Marcus thought that he was alone and decided to relax with some porn. Knowing that he was the only one there he didn’t bother to go in his room and ended up watching it in the living room. But as Marcus was enjoying his real gay porn, some nice guy on guy fuck scene he heard some noise coming from the hallway. Although the help tried looking busy Marcus knew that he’s just been caught creeping. No room for excuses and now he was about the feel the MarcusMojo punishment.

The noisey guy was lucky because instead of getting fired he got a second chance but that actually meant that he would get his ass hammered by his boss, Marcus Mojo. And he was right! Marcus took him to the bedroom and without too many words he took off his pants and the guy got it from there on. After he blew his hard dick, his ass was next in line and Marcus couldn’t wait to get a piece of it. This is what happens if you don’t mind yourr business and you’re all over people’s affairs. Take a look and we’ll see you next time with more!


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Marcus Mojo – Party Of Three

Marcus Mojo invited us to his private party of three and it is a really private gathering. Marcus had two of his closest friends and as you can see the jocks did it all, but mainly they love getting their asses pounded. The guys actually gathered to watch the game but as you can see things don’t go as planned, they went a lot better. Marcus was in the game room with the boys ready to watch the game when these two stared arguing, each of them defending their favorite. You might think that this is normal and it might seem this way but the thing is that these guys place the weirdest bets during their games. The guys literally put their asses on the line and after the game was over someone was going to get smashed.

Well although he didn’t get involved in the bet Marcus was actually the one taking care of business. He wasn’t going to let them fuck in his house without him joining them. We keep telling you, you can’t find someone like our hunk MarcusMojo. Once he gets his hands on an ass you knew that things are going to get wild. We wanted to bring you something different from the latest two updates and this one is going to do the job. So if you want to see Marcus in action one more time you gotta check out the entire picture gallery of these three jocks in action!


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Built For Speed

Marcus Mojo was definitely build for speed and you guys to see that one more time. The ripped jock gave us his best, as he always does, and he had another hot jock with him. Marcus finally got his hands on his neighbor and it was great and you are going to see him do all the work, and that doesn’t happens too often. Marcus was the one sucking off his dick and getting his ass hammered by the hot blond hunk. He’s been living next to MarcusMojo for a while now and no matter how hard Marcus tried he just couldn’t get to him. That, of course, made him want him even more and decided to let things go their own speed, something that doesn’t happens too often.


Well eventually everything aligned for him and he woke up this morning with his neighbor at his doorstep. Marcus didn’t quite understood what he was going there and what he wanted from him but he invited the guy inside. Everything was a bit of a blur but one thing is for sure he remembers him grabbing his dick. The next Marcus knows is that they were in the bedroom, completely naked and he was sucking off his dick but that wasn’t the best part of it. Marcus got his ass fucked first, after a really long time and you gotta see it! It was just one of those amazing days and you wish it would never end.

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Marcus Mojo – Loosen Me Up

Marcus Mojo brought us more heat from the locker room. A lot of things happen there and we have the best guy to bring it to us. Well Marcus is involved in most of the action that takes place there as you can see in the preview below, he is the one getting his dick sucked. The athletes needed some loosen up after a really long week of training and there’s no better place to do that then the locker room. Marcus was there with one of the guys and they had some fun of their own after everyone left. It was kicked off in the shower where the jocks started jerking off their dicks and getting in the right mood. Those locker room benches saw a lot of things and luckily we got a peak at it too and we had to share it with you guys.

Clothes off, bodies on full display and dicks as well. This is another great thing about athletes they all look great, amazing bodies, rock hard abs so it’s always nice to see them in full display. But this isn’t why we are here. MarcusMojo is the main guy around here as his team mate was the one all over him, sucking off his dick and then taking it up his tight ass. You can get all the dirty in the gallery below and there’s a lot more that you gotta check out. Enjoy it!


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It’s all about ass with Marcus Mojo and everyone knows that otherwise why would we still be here? This is the place to find some of the hottest gay sex scenes and everyone knows it. Marcus didn’t disappoint us and as usual, we got another great ass hammering session prepared for you. Marcus moved all the fun in the ring where after an intense fight the winner had his way with the loser. The problem is that with these two you can’t really tell which is which. They are both all over each other, so let’s say that both of them are winners in this ones. Our winners didn’t hold back from a lot of things and you can see them in action below and you’ll see that we were right.

Marcus Mojo and his opponent took turns on blowing one another and then hammered their asses in the middle of the ring. This is probably what they meant by leaving it all in the ring. Well these guys really listened and they actually give it their best. But we still have to pick a winner and a loser so we kinda need your help to decided which is which. So take a look at the gallery below and tell us which one did a better job and should be winner of their fight. Enjoy it and we’ll see you tomorrow with more real gay sex scenes for you guys!


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Marcus Mojo – Goalie Shots

Practicing got a lot more interesting with the help of Marcus Mojo. The young hunk did it again and has another banger scene for us and as usual, that involves a lot of ass drilling and dick sucking. Sports can be really fun if you know how to make it that way. Marcus is the perfect guy for that, because every time he’s around, you know you are going to have a good time. This is also the case because MarcusMojo took full advantage of this situation and the completely empty locker played a huge part in it all. After another exhausting workout they were the last two guys there and with their sexual tension, it was a matter of time until something really happened between them. Bad timing was the main cause of it but we knew when it was going to happen it’s going to be great.

Marcus was the one to start it all he joined his teammate in the shower and gave him a hand and made sure that his dick is clean. But we all know they weren’t going to stop there and Marcus took it all to the locker room where they got some intense one on one action. Two hunks, two ripped athletes hammering their asses on the locker room bench, it can’t get better than this. Y’all know when Marcus is involved it’s going to be a great one. Enjoy it and make sure you check it all out. See you next time with more updates!


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All Hands On Dick

You know that old saying “all hands on deck” well Marcus Mojo did a remake and to be honest we like his one better. So in this one, as you can see all hands are on dicks and we couldn’t be happier about it. Marcus, your favorite hunk, has some company in this one and as you can see the guy isn’t shy at all, so he does not mind taking some dick in front of the rolling camera. Everything took place outdoor on the deck while MarcusMojo was enjoying his day off. His friend surprised him with a visit and after catching up the guys did some backdoor catching up as well. Marcus and his friend started things slowly, but they didn’t think that they are going to go this far in a pretty public place. It was his backyard but it wasn’t the more private place you could pick.

To get things straight, it was the middle of the day with all his neighbors walking around their backyards so they didn’t have too much privacy there. But in the heat of the moment, they both forgot about where they were and minded their own business without carrying about their neighbors. So get ready to see the hot hunk Marcus Mojo taking a hard dick up his ass. We told you all hands on dick and we weren’t kidding about it. So make sure you check out the entire scene by following the link below. Enjoy it!


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