Strictly Business

Marcus Mojo is all about the business and as you can see he has his own way of dealing with it. Your favorite hunk was looking for a new assistant and what there was a practical test involved also, that explains the hot guys banging his ass in the preview below. He wasn’t just going to hire someone randomly, he had to test him out. There are going to be a lot of long meetings, long nights working just the two of them so he wasn’t taking any risks. You either were all in or you could keep looking nothing in between with him. This was Marcus’ lucky day because the guy that entered the room didn’t mind at all the extra work that he had to do for his boss.

MarcusMojo is a hot guy and if you are into dudes he’s the type of guy that you would want around you. Marcus and he clicked from the beginning so he was a clear choice but he still had to test him out. Everyone was instructed not to enter the office. It’s strictly business and both of them know it, but that didn’t stop Marcus from taking his assistant’s dick up his ass from day one. Is it a pretty good job to have right? You can check out horny Marcus Mojo and his nasty assistant in action in the gallery below. We’ll see you guys tomorrow for another great update!


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Marcus Mojo – Cuddlefuck

Marcus Mojo has returned as promised with a hot cuddle fuck scene for you guys. Hot Marcus found himself a new boy toy to fuck around with. If you can believe it he was actually taking care of this guy, not that taking his dick up his ass isn’t part of it, but still. Marcus was asked to look over him because he just returned from college and his parents were trying to keep him out of troubles and out of parties, that pretty much means one and the same thing. It’s been a while since the last time Marcus saw him and he’s definitely grown since then, he could barely recognize him. But leaving that aside, Marcus couldn’t believe his eye how good he looks. The last time he saw him, he was just entering high school, it’s been a while since then.

It was weird to see him like that but he couldn’t help it. But Marcus was going to have a big surprise because his guy was also into dudes. Now this was way more that he expected from that night and from a night of watching TV he ended up having a night of slamming asses. You never underestimate MarcusMojo charms and his ability to get guys. Just look below, what seem to be a normal night turned into an ass fucking marathon. Make sure you guys check out the entire scene and we’ll bring you more updates tomorrow so stay tuned to see more from Marcus!


Take a look at Marcus riding a hard dick!


Pumped and Pounded

You can’t find a guy that loves working out as much as Marcus Mojo. Well, not for the same reasons as most of the guys but still he goes daily to the gym. The reason, well you can see it for yourself in the preview below, he loves fucking and getting fucked. Some days he messes around with the trainers, other days he fucks around with the new guys, it depends on the day. Today, when he got to the gym one of his trainers, showed him this new cute stud that was lifting weights. The guys knew that this guy will be a great asset for Marcus’ collection. From the looks, we couldn’t agree more with them. Now we got the chance to see his charms at work again.

The guy was tall, had a rock hard body but now it was time to see how he’s doing in the other departments. Marcus went there and offered to help him out, everyone there knows that once MarcusMojo has his eyes on you, it’s over. Everyone knows that and it was time that the new guy found out about it too. Marcus worked his charms and way faster that you would expect the new guy caved in and here they are nailing one another’s ass in the middle of the gym. Marcus always gets what he wants especially with guys. See them in action in the video below!


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Marcus Mojo – Country Boys

Life in the countryside it’s amazing and these guys are taking full advantage of it. Marcus Mojo and his new friend had a blast hammering one another in the fresh country air. The jock found this one wandering around the ranch looking for somewhere to crash for the night and Marcus was kind enough to help him out. But don’t get it wrong the guy still had to work for it and besides helping him around there Marcus thought about another way that he could give him a hand. After the guys finished with their work Marcus started making his moves on him until the guy finally caved and he got his. They were pretty far from the house so they had to improvise something where they were. Even though there were a few people around them staring because they weren’t the quietest around there that didn’t stop them.

This pile of hay was going to do the job for them and their clothes became bed sheets. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to do it but this was the only thing they had. MarcusMojo wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity especially with a guy that looks this good. The country boys had a great time hammering their asses and all their neighbors could agree with that, because they were all around trying to ignore what was happening. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more!


Watch here these country boys blowing one another’s dick!


Neighborly Invasion

The neighborly invasion has begun and you are a part of it and so is Marcus Mojo. Marcus was the one that orchestrated it all so he wasn’t going to miss the chance to pound his sexy neighbors. That barbecue idea worked like a charm and he got the cute couple next door to join him. It was a more intimate gathering and we think everyone figured out why there are only three persons there. Marcus was trying to work his charm with these two to convince them to join him for a threesome. Marcus really wanted to get his hands on the hot guys and he find the way of doing it.

It’s a request you don’t hear every day but these guys seem pretty open minded so we are sure they won’t mind trying out something new and spice up their sex life a bit. It was a bit of an invasion because they weren’t expecting him to come with such an offer. Surprisingly they accepted it pretty fast and that’s how all the action moved in the bedroom, no one was actually in the mood for barbecue anyway. Once they got there the couple started doing their things and Marcus Mojo found his main activity of the night and was slamming asses. These guys sure love sharing even when we are talking about their significant other. None the less it still is a great scene that you guys must watch.


Enjoy watching this guy getting double teamed!


Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro

Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro are back with another scene as promised. Lately Marcus keeps on getting pounded by some of the hottest guys around here and the best part is that we get to see it all. These jocks just won’t call it quits so get ready for another steamy one. Marcus just met his cute next door neighbour and couldn’t help himself and invited him over to get to know one another better. He was new to the place and it’s always great to have friends around the house. Later that night he found out just how good of a friend MarcusMojo is. The guys had a few drinks, just so the cute neighbor loosens up and he could get his with him. He seemed pretty uptight so Marcus had to find a way to change that.

Well, his planes worked because the hot neighbour was all over him and soon after than they moved all the fun indoors and there things really got hot. The cute neighbor wasn’t the type of guy that received orders too good so for tonight Marcus let him have it. He just wanted to hit that ass, who was in charge was the last thing on his mind. The jocks didn’t hold back on too many things as you can see below Marcus really didn’t mind getting his ass hammered by the hot stud. Check them out in action in the video below. Enjoy it and see you next time!


Take a look at this Marcus getting his ass slammed!


Marcus Mojo – Suck This

Hey there and welcome back! Marcus Mojo is back with another great update and as you can see this one we have a little role play for you guys. This happens when you got to auditions without asking about the part. Marcus tried to help one of his friends and went for him to the audition. But as you can see below this isn’t your ordinary audition and things got a bit out of control and Marcus ended up getting his ass hammered instead. The audition was for a horror movie but as you can see the actors took it a bit further that it should have, but the cameras were still rolling and caught it all.  Hot Marcus wasn’t there to audition, he just wanted to explain why his friend wasn’t there but he wasn’t going to turn down such an offer.


He’s already used to the camera, so this isn’t too different from what he does. The hot guy was too hot to pass and he surely wasn’t going to do it. They started fooling around on set and everyone there thought they would stop there. MarcusMojo didn’t stop there and before you know it both of them were naked and ready for some ass hammering. The hot hunk had a great time slamming Marcus’ ass and you can see it all in the gallery below! See you next time with more gay sex scenes so stay tuned!

Check out this guy banging Marcus’ ass!


Marcus Mojo – Above The Ridge

Yes, Marcus Mojo is always on top and everyone knows that. This cute jock was all over Marcus so he did everything that he wanted with him. He kept on bugging him for a while now and to get rid of his mouth Marcus took him home. There Marcus had the most willing dude he’s ever met, the cute blond did everything he asked him to. Knowing how desperate he was Marcus let him do his thing and we gotta say the guy spend most of the night on his knees with Marcus’ dick in his mouth. This hot blond didn’t stop until he got drenched with cum and we have all the picture to prove it.

Just think about that pretty face of his getting all covered up with loads of jizz. The best part is that you don’t even have to imagine it because it’s in the scene we have below. But there’s more, you weren’t actually thinking that this is all that happen right? Of course not, everyone knows that these guys don’t settle for so little, at least MarcusMojo doesn’t. This was just to put them in the right mood and then Marcus got to stuff the hot blond’s ass and it was amazing. This was all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow with more steamy gay updates with your favorite guy, Marcus. Until then make sure you take a look at the entire gallery below!


Watch here this guy getting drenched in cum!


Marcus Mojo – Stall Squeeze

A lot of things can happen if you get in the right stall, especially if Marcus Mojo is in the mix. It’s been a while since the last threesome around here so we can’t happier about this one. As you can see from the preview below everything takes place in a bathroom stall and it really wasn’t that easy to have three big guys in there taking care of business, fucking their asses. Marcus was out with some of his friends and after a few drinks, the tension was over the roof, no way they were going to wait until they got home. Marcus went in first and then one of his friends followed him. While the guys were busy undressing one another, another guy from the table joined them too. This was going to be make things a lot more interesting, when is the last time you saw a threesome in the bathroom stall?

Just imagine having three hot hunks in a tiny bathroom stall, there really was a bit of squeezing to fit them all in one place. But damn was it hot! When something like this goes down MarcusMojo has to be involved in it and you know he will always deliver. The horny hunks speeded things up a bit, it’s not like they had a lot of time until someone was going to come in. So get ready to see the guys taking turns on getting double-teamed, getting both of their holes stuffed in one of the weirdest places. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more!


Enjoy watching this horny jock getting double teamed!


Enter The Mojo

Marcus Mojo had a blast with the new hunk that was in charge of cleaning his pool. Marcus always wanted to try it out for himself, he had the pool, he just needed the pool boy to get his fantasy real. While he was looking over resumes he saw this hot guy that was over qualified for the job so he gave him a call. Marcus called him over to the house to get a chance to talk with him, but by the end of their meeting he was outside, next to the outdoor pool getting fucked by the ripped stallion. Once he got there Marcus was star struck by how good he looked. He isn’t your typical college teen, this was a man, a grown up man wanting to work as a pool boy.

This caught Marcus’ attention and he had to find out the real reason. Well apparently the guy lost it all and needed some fast cash. Once he heard how much Marcus Mojo was willing to pay him for sex he jumped right to it. That seems a pretty good way to start your first day at work and to get to know your boss. This guy was worth his money because as you can see he has it all, so Marcus didn’t mind at all getting his ass hammered by him next to the pool. Another fantasy fulfilled and another great picture gallery for us to check out!


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